Oklahoma City

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City Center Council


Everett Steele , IIDA

KKT Architects

Past Director

Kylie Huddleston , Assoc. IIDA


Communications Chair

Abby Johnston , IIDA


Advocacy Chair

Katelyn Bell , Assoc. IIDA

MA+ Architecture

Membership Chair

Ty Sandoval , Ind. IIDA

Cosentino Gropu

Professional Development Chair

Brandi DeRamus

Lingo Construction

Graphics Chair

Leslie Caldwell

Bell and McCoy Lighting and Controls

Campus Liaison Chair

Leslie Wilson

Smith Lighting

Special Events Chair

Kayla Despain

Integris Planning Design Construction

Special Events Co-chair

Brenda Smith

Professional Development Chair

Leah Eckhoff

J Fyffe Company

Sustainability Chair

Amanda Lee , IIDA


Sustainability Co-chair

Taylor Floyd

Momentum Textile & Wallcoverings

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